Losing Weight Without Extensive Exercise or Dieting

We are all conscious of your health now than ever because we are no longer ignorant of the fact that the body like any other thing we cherish needs to be nourished, nurtured and maintained to have the kind of body we will be so proud of to have. First and foremost being in shape is for our own good than whatever the world throws at us or think to be or we should  look like to get accepted by them.

The problem has never been of not wanting to remedy this problem but it has always been  the problem of us just following societal trends of the kind of body we should have which I don’t really subscribe too. I prefer one keeping fit because one sees the needs to and believe it a good thing to do for the body. Well, I know it sometimes very difficult to make a conscious effort but if you want to do very unconscious things that will still help you lose weight, then try the following and see the much-needed desire

  • Small plates means fewer calories:

You heard that right it almost like more food more calories. With a small plate, you are bound to dish in small food unlike using a big plate, small food will contain fewer calories than large quantities of food, so stick with your small plate.

  • Taking more of protein is better :

 I wouldn’t advocate eating only protein because each food group has its functions and the role they play in the body, so eat more of protein to assist you to feel  full for a long time and refrain you from eating more calories which is a culprit for making one gain so much weight.

  • Turn your eyes totally from unhealthy foods:

To help you lose weight unconsciously then let unhealthy food be far away from the sight. Drastically reduced fried foods and junks if possible throw into the garbage unhealthy snacks. Try to eat more food that is not processed than processed foods.

  • Be more active; 

You gain nothing by being a couch potato so just try to move more in the day. Take a walk downstairs to get whatever you wanted, park your car a distance and walk to the mall or supermarket, stand up to pick the remote and do it almost all the time you need to do so and also add house chore to it, just do a bit of it daily. You can’t just imagine the difference you will experience after a few weeks.

  • Take more water: 

The only liquid that is so good for the body and has zero calories is just water, to reduce the intake of other liquids drastically and take more water. Water is also filling, it can help suppress your appetite and also keep you feeling full for a long time while also flushing out the toxins in the body.

These are proven tips that can really help you stay healthy and in shape for your own good.

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